Traditional Breeding: Free range, outdoor, organic

Traditional farming

In response to strong consumer demand in terms of quality poultry, breeders have created different patterns of production drawing heavily on traditional methods of farming.

The family farm model includes growing cereals and vegetables, livestock to produce milk and poultry, chickens for eggs, chickens for meat. Animals typically consume household trash and are raised outdoors with a simple shelter, protecting the animals from rain and cold.

Hens and roosters are often breeds domesticated locally, preferably colored: red, black, with flamboyant cape, black or yellow legs, yellow or black skin, etc. These strains of traditional poultry are very different from those used in standard production circuits.

Outdoor rearing, consumption of whole grains and seeds, late slaughter age and rustic strains confer to these chickens original backyard palatability, a taste that many consumers will undoubtedly recognize .

Our seniors, pioneers of the Label Rouge, used these models to prove that they produced traditional chicken:

  • A chicken that lives in freedom and outdoors
  • A chicken that eats cereal
  • A chicken with colorful plumage from rustic strains
  • A chicken that is allowed to grow slowly in order to attain good flavor

Updated 05/09/2014

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