Poultry selection by SASSO


Our initial business is selecting colored breeding roosters for Label Rouge and farmer market chickens.

Our breeding schemes originate:

  • in the work of Serge Perrault, hatchery operator passionate about coloured genetics who, In addition to his multiplication activities, developed lines of coloured chickens for farmer market and Label Rouge
  • in collaboration with the SYSAAF (French Union of Poultry Breeders and Aquaculture) with which the SASSO has collaborated since its inception,
  • in two regions of poultry production, the Southwest and the Sarthe, pioneers of Label Rouge production. Their desire for independence is at the origin of the creation of the SASSO.

Our breeding schemes are based on

  • the identification of individuals at birth
  • knowledge of a lineage's genealogy,
  • individual performance monitoring,
  • statistical prediction of performance evaluated through the Blup system.

Our selection leads to superior chickens

Our selection leads to superior chickens, Individual measurements carried out on animals in our breeding farms to achieve the level required by the industry in terms of:

  • growth rate (e.g. slow growth for Label Rouge poultry)
  • body weight at a given age (e.g. 2.2 kg in 84 days for Label Rouge poultry)
  • food consumption
  • oviposition (number of hatching eggs per hen raised)
  • fertility (number of chicks per hen raised)
  • performance at slaughter.

In addition, we include in our selection criteria constraints which also help to ensure that users of strains of coloured chickens and consumers obtain higher quality products, and our products stand out from the rest of the poultry market:

  • slow growth,
  • farmer conformation,
  • taste qualities,
  • aptitude for movement on outside chicken runs and in outdoor rearing,
  • high degree of hardiness.

Updated 06/09/2014

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