The compartmentalization

SASSO is entirely compartmentalized for both of its sites : Sabres (Landes department) and Soulitré (Sarthe department).

What is compartmentalization?

Compartmentalization concept was developed by the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) to allow qualified firms to maintain their business with foreign countries despite changes in their country sanitary status. It means that import and export authorities estimate that the sanitary status of a chick delivered by SASSO is excellent. This trust is based on precise and regular audits about SASSO biosecurity.

Compartmentalization allows SASSO to keep a clean sanitary status even if France is affected by an influenza.


What are the consequences for our business?

If the sanitary authorities of your country acknowledge SASSO Compartmentalization, you will be able to receive your order even if France sanitary status changes.
For instance if an avian influenza crisis occurs in France (highly or low pathogenic), SASSO is acknowledged as being able to deliver clean products. 
It allows you to plan SASSO chicks deliveries for the whole year long in advance without fear of unexpected interruptions caused by a change in France sanitary status.

What does it guarantee about our sanitary practices?

To guarantee you that there is no sanitary risk with our deliveries, a precise and official audit was conducted on SASSO facilities and biosecurity practices.

In France you have to follow the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the OIE and the European regulation 616/2009. The government authority for sanitary issues is called DGAL and it deals with Compartmentalization matters. DGAL sends poultry farming experts to inspect facilities, practices and how good the workers are in biosecurity. These inspections are regularly renewed.

Compartmentalization provides some security about the absence of avian influenza transmission (highly pathogenic or low pathogenic) from day old chicks delivered from SASSO.

For more informations on Compartmentalization visit the DGAL Website:

If you need any explanations, feel free to contact us



Updated 23/01/2018

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