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Welcome to SASSO, the leading breeder of coloured Free Range chickens

Established 30 years ago by the leading French "Label Rouge" poultry producers, SASSO's sole objective has always been to breed STRAINS capable of producing high-quality poultry that are both FULL OF FLAVOR and cost-effective for producers, in the best possible sanitary conditions.

Developments in selection techniques and research in nutrition and breeder management have enabled SASSO to continually improve the economic performance of its stock without compromising their inherent quality.

This is why SASSO is today a world-leading breeder of traditional farm poultry, distributing its breeding stock to countries all over the world.

28 - 30 jan. 2014

Join us at the next Atlanta IPPE International production and procesing Expo.
28 - 31 january 2014, Atlanta

VIV Europe May 20 - 22, 2014

Join us during the next VIV Europe show.
20 - 22 May 2014
Utrecht, Netherlands

Demand for welfare

Growing interest in free range chicken in Germany and the Netherlands has led to the introduction of the CobbSasso 175 breed into these markets.

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Coloured broilers - to family picture
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