SASSO Responds to changing coloured chicken and farmer chicken markets

The poultry market is constantly evolving and Sasso invests continuously to anticipate and respond to new demands:

A unique offer for emerging markets

Poultry meat is, after the egg, the source of the cheapest protein. Also, the introduction of meat into a developing country is a strong marker of its economic success. The countries of Asia and South America have experienced extraordinary changes over the past two decades, developing industrial poultry production chains. The demand for traditional poultry and backyard poultry there also remains very strong. In addition to maintaining the traditional channels, organized productions of colored birds are emerging to meet the changing consumption patterns: either in live form for distribution on traditional markets, or ready to bake for supermarkets or butchers.

Our service allows you to respond positively to the needs of these markets:

  • a wide selection of colored breeding chickens,
  • slow growing strains and lines for Farmer's Markets
  • heavy colored roosters,
  • rustic hens transmitting the male phenotype.

Our experience of export distribution chains and support for developing markets are the major advantages of these SASSO colored and free-range chickens.

Selection tailored to local industries

Local traditional poultry channels often use local strains whose characteristics are very different from European or American standards.
The SASSO offers its expertise to support genetic selection approaches for colored native poultry, hence the nickname "selection to measure".
As part of the partnership between the local chain and SASSO, we determine together a work program to select your lines as needed for animal husbandry, breeding or hatching.

Evolution of customer expectations

The poultry breeder is the developer of the lifeblood of poultry industries. Evolving market expectations in terms of technical requirements, performance at the slaughterhouse, in raising, hatchery and breeding, the breeder must constantly improve the potential of strains to better respond to the market, while maintaining a line of conduct that will ensure users of the strains continuous quality and changes required to meet the new objectives of the sector. Also, our breeding programs are based on:

  • maintaining a low level of inbreeding,
  • the selection of reproductive traits,
  • the selection of flesh characteristics,
  • hardiness and suitability for outdoor raising of strains of coloured broiler chickens.

Updated 05/09/2014

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