Insist on Sasso quality!


Our quality policy is oriented towards our customers: “supply them with day-old future breeding chicks, healthy and adapted to the needs of Label Rouge, Organic and Farmer product lines”.

Highest sanitary conditions

On the health front, the activity is organized around two sites:

  • Sabres site, dedicated to R & D and the multiplication of lines,
  • Soulitré site dedicated to the multiplication and the commercialization of the lines, and distribution to customers.

The operation of these two sites is accredited by the SNA (National Union of Hatcheries), respecting the rules and best practices related to our business: health barriers, forward only movement, input management (heat-treated food, disinfection at the site entrance, quarantine building, etc..) demarcation between dirty areas and clean areas, cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Approved breeding methods

In terms of genetic selection, Sasso is recognized by the SYSAAF (French Union of Poultry and Aquaculture Breeders), in accordance with the rules for the selection of lines for breeding Label Rouge chickens. Thus, all of our breeding work is subject to an annual audit and for over 30 years, we have maintained and improved the farm characteristics of lines:

  • chicken run access: curiosity and exploratory qualities of the chickens
  • slaughter age and potential for growth: slow-growing animals,
  • organoleptic qualities: firmness and flavor of the chicken meat,
  • farmer conformation of Label Rouge chickens: easily differentiate a Label Rouge chicken carcass from that of a classic chicken.

Updated 06/09/2014

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