Organic breeding


Definition of organic certification:

Warranty and official controls

Organic farming ensures that a product comes from a mode of production watchful of environmental factors, which prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals and making the welfare of animals a major concern. Organic productions were defined on 1 January 2009 by a European regulation (EC Regulation No. 834/2007 and Regulations No. 889/2008). In France, organic farming is recognized as a sign of quality. A reading guide written by the Ministry of Agriculture and INAO provides details for the implementation of European regulations.

For more information on organic regulations:

The set of requirements defined in the regulations are controlled by an approved certification body at all stages of production, from the selection of poultry and eggs to their marketing. The European organic logo and French AB logo affixed to organic poultry and eggs, ensure that their production was done in compliance with EU regulations and biological ethics

Characteristics of Organic poultry:

The specifications of organic livestock in France is very similar to those of the Label Rouge.

However it differs on some points:

Production method Label Rouge Farmer chicken (b) Organic chicken (c)
Breed Slow growing rustic Slow growing rustic
Slaughter age 81 days minimum 81 days minimum
Type of farming Open air or free range Open air or free range
Hen house size 400 m2 maximum 480 m2 maximum
Hen house density 11 chickens per m2 maximum 10 chickens per m2 maximum
Outdoor space

- 2 m2 minimum per chicken in open air specification

- illimited in free range specification

4 m2 minimum per chicken, in a chicken run operated according to the principles of organic agriculture

- 100% vegetable, minerals and vitamins

- 75% cereal minimum

-  100% vegetable, minerals and vitamins

- 95% minimum raw materials from organic agriculture

Organoleptic superior poultry Guaranteed regular sensory analysis -
Independent third party control Certification body Certification body

Updated 05/09/2014

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