Breeder hen SA51

Rustic, bantam, recessive autosexing or not. Crossed with Sasso roosters, the SA51 breeding hen allows the full expression of the phenotype of the Rooster

This red or black hen is referenced as a Label Rouge product, Farmer chicken, or certified organic. They are also suitable for pre-started production.

Weight at 20 wks. 1480 g
Weight at 24 wks. 1755 g
Weight at 66 wks. 2184 g
Number of eggs at 66 weeks. 240
# of hatchable eggs 232
Mortality 0-20 wks 2.5%
Mortality 21-60 wks 5.5%
Total consumption 0-65 wks 45.5 kg
Consumption per chick 0-66 wks 231 g

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Updated 15/01/2018

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