« Sasso’s goals: to be the alternative, defending poultry farming which respects both human and animal and to be the safeguard of genetic diversity. »

Poultry farming respectful of humans

The SASSO is committed to meet societal challenges:

  • Consumers: In our selection schemes, we maintain the eating qualities of our products.
  • Clients: We innovate to improve the performance of our strains, while maintaining the characteristics of poultry sought by our clients.
  • Contributors: We train and inform our teams, we give meaning to their work by setting a common goal: "Become an always more efficient selection company."

Poultry farming respectful of the animal

The SASSO is committed to meet the challenges of animal welfare:

  • Selection: the strains of slow-growing chickens are adapted to "extensive" farming systems with access to grassy or wooded lands, and to the interaction between the birds and the environment.
  • Multiplication: we distribute our strains of poultry worldwide. The adaptability of our poultry is recognized and used in all climates. Our technical teams are present to support users of SASSO genetics and to help express their full potential.

Ensure genetic diversity

The SASSO is committed to maintaining genetic diversity:

  • Multiple SASSO strains: the SASSO strains catalog is the largest in the world. It lets you choose from a wide variety of phenotypes and full performance potentials.
  • Development of new crossings: we develop new crossings and retain rarer lineages that may be of interest our customers.

Updated 17/01/2018

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