SASSO chickens around the world

SASSO Genetics are present and recognized on every continent

From North to South and East to West, Sasso chickens are present throughout the world and on high quality chicken meat markets. Suitable for all climates and all kinds of areas, from the tropical rainforests of Panama to the hot deserts of Egypt, our products have often replaced local genetics, inefficient and unsafe from a health point of view. They are often called differently in different parts of the world and based on names given to local genetics:

  • In Latin America, we find: El pollo chiricano in Costa Rica, el Pescuezo y pelado throughout Latin America and el pollo Carioco in Colombia.
  • Asia: The Nati in India, Ayam Kampung in Indonesia and Malaysia, the Deschi in Pakistan and the Bangladesh Shonali.

The French speak of Label Rouge chickens, Asians of SASSO chicken!

Hardiness, performance and genetic diversity to meet the wide variety of markets around the world

The rustic and high performance coloured SASSO genetics meet the requirements of various high-end markets around the world. With the world's largest range of colored lines, each country can find the product or products that fit best.

From intensive production to the barnyard

Sasso genetics are suitable for all poultry production systems, from most intensive industrial farming to the backyard, via "Free Range" or organic.
The extent of our range allows for example to meet the requirements of markets such as:

  • German high welfare chicken raised in semi-seclusion,
  • living markets in New York or Doha in Bangladesh,
  • the French Label Rouge and its strict specifications,
  • or the sale of chicks in Brazilian Vetshops for "backyard" productions.

Updated 05/09/2014

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